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My name is Steve Ganz and I live in Blaine, Washington, where I build classical guitars.  I also repair and restore instruments.  I am a passionate devotee to classical guitars and guitarists, and have been building and selling since 1993. (My first guitar was built in 1970 when I was 19 years young.)   I have worked with luthiers close to home and abroad, including José Romanillos in Spain.  In addition to 6 string classical guitars, I make 7, 8, 10, and 11 string custom instruments. My work has been featured in books including Custom Guitars and Luthier's Art: A Showcase of Handcrafted Fretted Instruments.  I exhibit at festivals (Healdsburg Guitar Makers Festivals, Guitar Foundation of America Conventions, Portland Guitar Festivals, Northwest Guitar Festivals, La Guitarra California and Guild of American Luthiers). 


I have had the pleasure and honor of providing many instruments to professionals and students in the Vancouver area: players include Stanton Jack, Alain Reiher, Jacek Kado, Anna Pietrzak, Chris Albanese, Graham Thomas and Luan Phung - just to name a few professionals, plus many students in the area.References are available upon request.



I'm now in my eighth year of full-time building. Combining my engineering background with feedback from the guitar community, my guitars have advanced in leaps and bounds. I've sold many guitars to advanced students in the Calgary (Canada) area, and one of my greatest joys is seeing and hearing my guitars being played in concerts and workshops.   A few years ago, I was honoured to sell several guitars to Odair Assad - one half of the world-renowned Assad Brothers guitar duo. Mr. Assad lends my guitars to his students, as he believes that a quality, responsive instrument facilitates guitar mastery.  Since then, he's returned to buy more guitars, including my very first 3/4 Scale Concert Classical.

My guitars combine the best design and construction techniques, traditional and modern, to create responsive guitars for the discerning player.  I strive to deliver the perfect balance between tone, projection, durability, and playability.  ​I want to build a guitar that inspires you to play!

Phone: (403) 483-8079

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