The Late Night Talks are a variety of lectures that target other aspects of guitar playing or put together some of the concepts explored in the daily workshops.

The Latin American Guitar Night 2.0 is a workshop with guest faculty David Sossa where he will explore with participants the role of the guitar in Latin American folk music and how to create such diverse rhythmic patterns on the guitar. The guitar is an essential part of Latin American folk music and participants can expect to dive into the side of guitar that directly or indirectly informs and enriches some of our most favourite repertoire. In this workshop, participants can expect to actively participate in creating Latin American rhythms and strumming patterns that pertain to folk music. 

The Improvisation 101 for Exploring Improvisation for the Classical Guitarists, led by internationally renowned composer Itamar Erez. Find new ways to inspire and develop curiosity on your  instrument - discover new aspects of your musicality that you didn't know exist with this workshop and start to think more like a composer! 



Watching professionals perform live is one of the best inspirational activities for any guitar player and this is an opportunity for participants to sit back and enjoy a night of great music

VCGFest Opening Concert:

Saturday July 16 at 7 pm, 2022

Vancouver Academy of Music


 Luis Angel Medina

Alec Pearson 


Rene Izquierdo

VCGFest 2022

Sunday July 17 at 2:30 pm, 2022

Vancouver Academy of Music


Louise Southwood

Hanh Nguyen 


Daniel Bolshoy

VCGFest Participants’ Closing Concert

Thursday, July 21 at 5:30 pm

Deer Lake Gallery