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The Daily Workshops comprises of various workshops that target specific skills related directly to guitar playing:

Guitar Orchestra will be daily rehearsals where different players will learn and play different parts of the music to make one piece come to life. The Guitar Orchestra aims to simulate the large ensemble experience by rehearsing together, following a conductor, and listening to how the different parts move together. The rehearsals happen daily and are geared towards the closing concert, where participants will showcase the results of the week’s rehearsals.


Musicianship, taught by our wonderful pianist in residence, Lucida Zhao, is a class where you will work on rhythm-reading and developing a sense of beat. These skills are too often omitted during private lessons due to the limitation of time. Learning how to feel the beat and internalizing rhythm, is one of the most crucial aspects of playing music and by the end of this workshop, participants should feel comfortable breaking down rhythm in their own pieces.

Masterclasses will be an opportunity to learn without being in the hot seat, by watching a lesson taught by the guest artist. There are only twenty-four 30 min spots for players to perform for Daniel Bolshoy or Rene Izquierdo

More details to come!

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