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The Late Night Workshops are a variety of lectures that target other aspects of guitar playing or put together some of the concepts explored in the daily workshops.

Taking Ownership (Of Your Passion) is a talk on how to maintain your passion alive and going. The reality is that many of us begin with a high interest in learning how to play the guitar but due to the demand of the instrument and long term improvement it is very easy to get discouraged and slowly stop liking it. In this talk, we will address ways to maintain your interest, to keep in mind the long term goal and enjoyment alive.  

The Performance Practice Night is an invitation to participants to play for each other in a safe space where we can talk about all the stress and anxiety related to performing and how to learn to deal with them. We will answer questions like “why do I always sound better at home” and explore practice methods that ensure the best performance under the worst conditions. 

The Latin American Guitar Night is an exploration with guest faculty David Sossa of Latin American guitar repertoire and composers that will help inspire a student’s musical growth and development. In this lecture, students will get a dive into repertoire that is rarely learned or talked about during a normal course of guitar learning. 

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