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Registration - Fees


Full registration: $195 CAD/week*

Full registration includes participation in all workshops, seminars and one 30 min masterclass taught by either Daniel Bolshoy or Marc Teicholz. Full participants may listen to all the other students in the masterclasses.

A Masterclass is a one-on-one lesson given to by the guest faculty with an audience. It is a great opportunity for students to learn from someone else's performance. Only sixteen full-registrations spots available.

Auditor registration: $120 CAD/week**

The Auditor registration includes participation in all workshops and seminars. Auditors may listen to all the other students in the masterclasses.

Extra masterclass: $65 CAD

If you wish, on top of the full-registration, you may register for a second masterclass time slot. 

No refunds after June 28th.

Early registration is recommended. Registrations must be received by July 19. Registrations after July 19 may be accepted at the discretion of the festival’s director.

Full registration includes admission to all of the following events and workshops:

  • Musicianship

  • The importance of accuracy on the left hand

  • Learning Effectively 

  • Taking Ownership of Your Passion

  • Performance Practice Night

  • Latin American Guitar Night

  • Masterclasses and workshops with guest faculty

For more details email Luis Medina at

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