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The Luthier Presentation is a presentation given by Rye Bear from G.R. Bear Guitars, a super successful local guitar builder whose guitars are sold all over the world.  This talk is meant to explore how guitars are being made today as well as to talk about what you can look for when you are looking for a good guitar. Find more about Rye Bear in his website:

The Closing Gala Concert is a chance for participants of the festival to perform in front of an audience and put into practice what was learned over the week.

The Masterclass will be an opportunity to learn without being in the hot seat, by watching a lesson taught by Dr. Daniel Bolshoy. There are only four 45-min spots for players to perform for the guest artist and are subject to extra costs.

There will be three concerts included in the week; Monday night concert that features David Sossa, a Friday night with Luis Angel Medina, local teachers based on the Lower Mainland, and a Saturday night concert that brings to town great Canadian guitarist Dr. Daniel Bolshoy. Watching professionals perform live is one of the best inspirational activities for any guitar player and this is an opportunity for participants to sit back and enjoy a night of great music.

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