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Luis has been recently appointed as Guitar Instructor at Capilano University. He is a highly successful teacher with over 30 students who have won numerous first and second places in various local competitions. He himself has been awarded top prizes in local competitions and selected to compete for the provincial level at the Kiwanis Music Festival. He prepares students for the Royal Conservatory of Music certificate program, where he helps them to achieve excellent results. Luis is an RCM certified teacher with over 13 years of experience teaching students of all ages and levels.

Luis' teaching style and strategy allows students to learn at a faster rate with some of his students performing RCM  level 4 pieces within 6 months of first-learning the guitar. Luis' students  regularly achieve prizes at local festivals and have been selected to participate in the Provincial Festival. His students have also been recipients of Provincial Gold Medals for the RCM.

While working on his Master's in Guitar Performance degree at the University of Georgia in Athens, Luis worked as Teacher Assistant where he taught guitar to university students at large and aided guitarists majoring in Performance. He has also taught at various schools in Vancouver and Toronto, working with all ages, levels, and different guitar styles. For inquiries on lessons in Vancouver, Toronto, or online, as well as performances please see the 'Contact' section. To read Luis' full bio, click on the 'About' section. 

Luis is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) program at the University of Toronto, where he is conducting research on the life and music of the prolific contemporary Mexican composer, Julio Cesar Oliva, under the guidance of world-renowned guitarists Dr. Jeffrey McFadden and Jorge Caballero. He continues to promote the guitar through public events and performances as well as through his active involvement with the Toronto Guitar Society, where he serves as Director of Operations.

E V E N T S​

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"I was impressed by Luis Angel Medina’s technical virtuosity, air of refined control, the warmth of his stage presence and especially the level of sensitivity and nuance displayed throughout.”

Stephanie Ko - Communications Director of Opera Mariposa


"In the years I have known Luis, he has consistently impressed me with his wide knowledge in music, keen research in teaching techniques, and professional work ethic. Luis is excellent in communicating with his students, and I have receive many positive feedback on his fun yet focused teaching style."

Leanne Yin Ho - Bravo Music Academy Director


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