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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"I was impressed by Luis Angel Medina’s technical virtuosity, air of refined control, the warmth of his stage presence and especially the level of sensitivity and nuance displayed throughout.

Stephanie Ko - Communications Director of Opera Mariposa


"In the years I have known Luis, he has consistently impressed me with his wide knowledge in music, keen research in teaching techniques, and professional work ethic. Luis is excellent in communicating with his students, and I have receive many positive feedback on his fun yet focused teaching style."

Leanne Yin Ho - Bravo Music Academy Director



Luis has taught at the University of Georgia in Athens as Teacher Assistant where he taught guitar to university students at large and aided guitarists majoring in Performance. He has also taught at various schools in the Lower Mainland working with all ages and different guitar styles since he moved to Vancouver. For inquiries on lessons or performances please go to the Contact section.

E V E N T S​

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